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Types of Italian Coffee

Coffee is not just a drink for Italians, it is a part of their culture that define the daily routine. It is said that every Italian knows three things: how to make a good pasta, how to enjoy life in any circumstances and how to churn out a sinfully good cup of coffee. The first two things might be a little questionable, but the part about coffee is nothing but true. So, if you found yourself wondering around any Italian town, don’t miss a chance to try Italian coffee. However, ordering a cup of coffee isn’t such a piece of cake here.

Types of Italian Coffee
Types of Italian Coffee

Useful Tips

There are some fundamental rules about drinking coffee anywhere in Italy and you must follow them. Here is your guide how to drink coffee in Italy like a local one.

  • Different type of coffee is dedicated to a different time of the day: a cup of cappuccino with breakfast up to 11 a.m., a caffè macchiato before the lunch and strong espresso after the dinner. Don’t you ever dare to mix the things up.
  • Most of the coffee shops are called just bars in Italy and you must pay first before getting your order. Usually, Italians drink their coffee while standing at the bar and it takes up to 10 minutes. If you want to get a table and waiting for a waiter to bring you coffee, you’ll have to pay more.
  • There are coffee sizes and you have no opportunity to choose. You get what you get because of their rules and better not try to complain because clients are always wrong in Italy. Also, it is almost not possible to order take-away coffee. Those little cups of coffee can be taken in a moment at the bar so why you should drink it on your way to some other place.
  • If you want to drink any kind of milky coffee, be prepared that you’re going to get the whole, creamy milk that is rich in calories and better don’t waste time to ask for soy milk, lactose-free milk, dairy milk or any other options. According to Italians, it’s necessary to enjoy life, so treat yourself with a small cup of tasty cappuccino with real fat milk or better don’t drink it at all.

Coffee types

The list of Italian coffee types is endless but keep in mind just the main terms. Start with simple caffè or caffè normale and it will be the well-known shot of espresso. If that shot of espresso seems too much, order one caffè ristretto as it contains less water and it’s literally one sip.

Italian cappuccino might be the smallest yet most delicious cappuccino you’ve ever had. Interesting fact – Italians consider a cappuccino a meal or desert itself. A very similar option might be caffè macchiato which is a cup of espresso with a drop or two of hot milk and served in the same little cup that an espresso comes in. The third similar option could be caffè con panna, which is espresso topped with sweet whipped cream. Finally, if you want something dizzy but are too shy to take a cocktail alone, grab a caffè corretto. It is an espresso served with a little of grappa, Baileys, Sambuca, or rum because la dolce vita!