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Top 3 Roaster Companies

Over the last couple of decades, people have changed how they perceived coffee. Similar to how the rest of beverage and beverage world shifted from high-volume but low-quality production and embraced local and purposely crafted options. Coffee evolved from just a brown dinner sludge. We are living in the era of the best quality coffee.

Like beer and wine, specialty coffee is getting its overdue acclamation as an exciting and varied beverage. Previously, coffee was viewed as just another commodity – clumped in bulk, no matter the quality and roasted to mask the flavour – however, today high-quality beans are applauded for the fine flavour notes that vary based on attitude in which they grew, the origin of berries and numerous factors.

In a nutshell, it’s about time you stepped–up your coffee game. Similar to how you know breweries that put out the best beers, you need to know the best place to get your cup of coffee. We’ve compiled a list of the top three roaster companies to ease the agony of trying out may roaster houses.


Founded in 1999 in Portland, Oregon, has grown tremendously and have set up shop in major cities such as Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York. Regularly cited as a trendsetter and an inspiration, Stumptown has burgeoned with the specialty coffee movement by raising awareness of coffee to a national audience and becoming established in its home city. The company’s procurement team spends six out of eight weeks sourcing for coffee and allow for public tastings in Seattle and Portland where any coffee is brewed by your chosen method even a dramatic siphon. This coffee roaster popularised the bottled cold brew, aimed at reducing the mess caused by cold brewing coffee. Similar to most things done by Stumptown, the practice became a hit, and other roaster followed suit.

Counter Culture

Undoubtedly a leading coffee roaster, Counter Culture uses a different approach to selling coffee. By not opening a storefront, this company sells its products in wholesale. On receiving certification in 2002, Counter Culture went on to put in place programs, such as the Coalition of Coffee Communities which aims to address the issue of food security in coffee growing areas. Also, an annual transparency report depicts the prices they compensated their farmers. Counter Culture changes its beans periodically to bring in crisp crops. Also, they regularly try new things like offering cascara (an exceedingly caffeinated tea derived from dried coffee berry) and roasting unique micro-lots.


Formed way back in 1996 in Chicago, Illinois, Intelligentsia led the pack in bean outsourcing leading to many roasters replicating their style. The quality control staff, roasters, and baristas undergo an intense training program to guarantee they attain the highest possible skills and knowledge in the coffee making. It’s little wonder Intelligentsia baristas rank highly in both national and global competitions while some go-on to enjoy prosperous careers. Among the companies to start sourcing coffee via direct Trade, Intelligentsia, is among the leading specialty coffee firms in operation today. In spite of its accomplishments, Intelligentsia carries on churning great coffees by non-stop refining and testing products like their Black Cat Espresso and forging close ties with producers.