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The Secrets of A Good Barista

Making a good cup of coffee is an act. Most Baristas will agree like it takes more than heaping spoons of ground coffee into a coffee maker to make a great coffee. This post will take you through the primary process involved in making a great cup of coffee just like your favorite barista.

Buy fresh Beans

You make the best coffee when you use your coffee beans within few days of it being roasted. You can buy from a local roaster near you, or you can roast it yourself. Roasting yourself is the best way to have the freshest beans. As much as you can, try to avoid buying coffee in bulk from the display stand in a supermarket. This is because most of the ones on display have been subjected to bright light and oxygen. The only except is if the store has a constant stock of fresh coffee.

Coffee beans produced and packed by roasters who are conscious of quality and sold in vacuum sealed bags are the best option for you. It is one thing to buy fresh coffee beans; it is another thing to keep it fresh until you are ready to make use of it. Always ensure that you store your coffee beans in an airtight container once you break the seal. A ceramic jar or glass canning jar with a plastic seal is the best storage choice. Do not refrigerate roasted beans because coffee beans are porous and can take up moisture. It is advisable that you buy a supply that can last for just 5 to 7 days at a time.

Choose Good Coffee

Coffee is almost like wine when it comes to tastes and flavors. Many nice flavors are different from the brands sold in mass by commercial coffee makers. There are two broad types of coffee beans in the market; the Robusta beans and the Arabica beans. The Arabica beans are more popular and widely produced. It also comes with a wide range of flavors, and most people consider it as the better bean among the two. You make a great coffee you need to buy coffee beans that are 100% pure Arabica beans, and it is quite expensive. Robusta beans are a cheaper alternative, but it has a higher caffeine content and harsh flavors.

Grind Your Beans

Coffee beans start to lose its taste and quality once you grind it. The best brew is made from beans ground immediately before the brewing process. Pro connoisseurs prefer to make use of expensive burr mills, but there are cheaper electric blade grinders that can still get the job done.

Use Good Water

Nothing spoils a good cup of coffee than tap water with chlorine taste. You may need to brew your coffee with bottled spring water of carbon filtered water.

Filter the Coffee

You need to look for a good paper coffee filter. Cheaper paper coffee filters may not give you the taste you need. It is better to go for an oxygen bleached filter paper to filter your coffee. Add 2 tablespoons of coffee beans to 6 ounce of water.