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The Most Expensive Coffee in the World

Coffee is loved and enjoyed all over the world, and most people enjoy popping into their local coffee shop to purchase a refreshing cup of Java. But for some people who are mad about coffee, price is no deterrent and they are prepared to pay exorbitant prices for their favorite beverage. In this blog we discover the most expensive coffee in the world, and contrary to popular belief it is not Kopi Luwak.

Black Ivory Coffee

Number one on the list of the most expensive coffee in the world comes from the Black Ivory Coffee Company in Thailand. The coffee is made from Arabica beans and rather like Kopi Luwak, an animal is involved in the preparation of the beans.

In this case elephants eat the beans and digest them, breaking down the proteins in the beans so the flavor is far more delicate when they are roasted. The reason it is so expensive is that only a few beans are available at any one time. Prices start at $50 for just one cup!

Finca El Injerto Coffee

The price of this highly superior coffee that is enjoyed by coffee aficionados all over the world, is so high because it is made from very rare beans, that are small but wonderfully rich. Such excellent beans are treated with respect, and they are washed in a single channel then they are broken twice. The selling price today is $500 per pound.

Hacienda La Esmeralda

Hacienda La Esmeralda coffee has won more awards than almost any other coffee in the world for its quality and taste. It is cultivated in Peru on the slopes of Mount Baru, where the beans are grown under the shade of guava trees. In a recent auction in 2018 the coffee was sold at $350 per pound, and remains are highly sought after product by coffee connoisseurs.

Kopi Luwak

Whenever the quiz question pops up, which is the most expensive coffee in the world? Many people answer Kopi Luwak. This coffee was brought to world attention by the Hollywood film The Bucket List, when Jack Nicholson  went to extraordinary lengths to enjoy his favorite coffee even though he was in hospital. 

The Asian Palm Civit consumes the beans and ferment them as they are digested. Once they are passed through the furry little animals body, the beans are retrieved from the feces, washed and roasted. The resulting coffee has a very delicate and unique taste but at $160 per pound it would have to be.

Saint Helena Coffee

The fifth, and our final coffee on our most expensive list is Saint Helena Coffee and its current price is $79 per pound. It is famous as Napoleon Bonaparte was its biggest fan, and it is cultivated on the island that he was sent on exile to. It is because of the remote location of St Helena Island, being twelve hundred miles off the west coast of Africa, that the coffee is so expensive. The coffee is of very high quality and has caramel overtones with a fragrant nose. All these coffees are of the highest quality, and well out of the price bracket of normal coffee drinkers. But if you do see one of them on the counter of Starbucks why not give it a try.