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The Best Coffee Shops in Europe

For many the excitement of traveling to a country or city is hugely related to the new foods and restaurants they will try while they are there. And oftentimes that includes the cafes and coffee shops that they will stop at along the way as well. So, how do you find the right spots to stop at along your journey? You want to look for a spot that has patrons inside already, an empty cafe is never a good sign. Next, look for a clean spot, that may seem like a no brainer, but each country has different guidelines on health and safety, so trust your gut when it comes to what looks clean and healthy. Lastly, and again a possible obvious one, look for a cafe that has a menu that you are happy with. We oftentimes sit down in a place and then realise there is nothing that we want on the menu and then have to go through the awkwardness of getting up and leaving without ordering anything. So be sure to browse it quickly before sitting down and then you will be sure to be satisfied. Just in case you need a little extra help we have devised a list of a few of the best cafe and coffee shops throughout Europe

Firstly, there is the Antico Caffe Greco in Rome, Italy. This cafe first opened in 1760 and has been a host to many literary greats over the years. Keats, Goethe, Byron and the list goes one. All have been seen popping in for a drink over the years. It is by far the greatest cafe in Rome, and the crowds of both locals and tourists will be a clear sign of that.

Next there is the Cafe de la Paix located on Paris. It is just around the corner from the opera house and was built by the same architect, Charles Garnier. The cafe truly came into its own during the Belle Epoque. Many of fine French men and woman have dined at this extravagant location. It cannot be missed while in beautiful Paris.

Lastly, there is the Cafe Gerbeaud, found among the streets of Budapest this large cafe is one of the biggest traditional cafes in the city, which is known for being home to over 500 cafes at one point. This spot dates back to 1858 and is well known for its cakes and pastries. Many delicious cakes were created in the kitchens of this cafe and are still being made and served to this day. It is truly one not to be missed while exploring this gorgeous city and its rich history.

There are endless amounts of cafes throughout Europe, the options are truly amazing. It can be easy to get overwhelmed with all the options that are available. However, with these tips and tricks you will be able to navigate the European streets like a pro, wandering from one cute cafe to another filling up on delicious pastries and rich coffee.