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The Best Coffee Makers

Coffee is such an important part of our lives, for many it is the first thing we think of when we wake up and little happens before we get a sip of delicious coffee in the morning. How we drink our coffee makes all the difference, do you like it black? With milk and sugar? With a flavoured creamer? There are many options and all of them make a difference as to how we enjoy the start to our morning. How the coffee is made makes all the difference as well. Some coffee machines get the job done but they don’t make a great cup of coffee, where others make a fantastic cup and far out do the others. Here are a few of the best coffee makers out there at the moment, you won’t be disappointed with any of them.

The Technivorm Moccamaster KBG-741 AO Coffee Brewer

This machine is a true beauty, it is sleek and powerful. It is one of the few machines on the market that is an automatic home brewer yet meets the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s standards. It is a favourite of both professionals and at home coffee geeks alike. It brews coffee to optimize flavour and strength, guaranteeing a perfect cup each and every time. For the quality of coffee that you will be enjoying the price seems reasonable at about $300 depending on where you purchase the machine.

The Bonavita BV1900TS 8

If your budget is a little on the lower side this is the machine for you. Bonavita are experts when it comes to all things hot water related. They are the best at their craft because they know that the ideal temperature for coffee to be brewed at is 195–205 degrees Fahrenheit, however, most at home brewers only reach 185 degrees. This small yet very important detail is what makes the machine the best in its class.

Ninja Coffee Bar Single Serve System

Some people don’t need to brew an entire pot of coffee each time and they don’t want to waste any coffee. For them the best option is a single serve or pod system. The Ninja Coffee Bar is a great option if you are looking for a single serve machine. You can make coffee or tea in this machine and even hot or cold drinks. It really is a jack of all trades when it comes to coffee makers. It also has a milk frothing wand so that you can make delicious cappuccinos as well. It’s eco-friendly as well, it has eliminated the need for plastic pods, so you don’t have to feel guilty about the waste normally associated with a pod coffee system. If you are looking for a simple to use and eco-friendly coffee maker for your daily coffee fix this is the perfect option for you.

Our daily cup of coffee, or more, is such an important part of our day, so make sure you are using one of the best coffee makers to make yourself a delicious morning brew.