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Milk Alternatives for Your Coffee Drinks

You can now enjoy rich and creamy coffee drinks with dairy milk alternatives. Regardless of your reason for seeking substitutes for dairy milk in coffee, be it veganism , serious lactose intolerance or just being more conscious of your health, you can find great alternatives to dairy milk that satisfies your quality and flavor standards. Below is a guide on selecting dairy milk alternatives for your coffee drinks.

Coconut Milk for your Coffee

Coconut milk can have about 15g of fat and 1.5-2g of protein per 100ml. Coconut milk blends well with coffee drinks with an incredibly frothy texture. When slightly sweetened, coconut milk is a great alternative to dairy milk in coffee drinks due to its subtle flavor that doesn’t overwhelm coffee flavors and its high-fat content that produces excellent foam required for rich and creamy coffee beverages. Note that Nut Drinks often have low fat and protein content that make them suitable as immediately consumable drinks, while Nut Milks are more in their ‘raw’ state and suitable for use in coffee beverages.

Soy Milk for your Coffee

Soy milk is popular dairy milk alternative because it is both nuts- and dairy-free and performs well with coffee due to its high fat and protein content that gives a rich and creamy mouthfeel. However, the strong flavor of soy milk can overwhelm some subtler flavors of coffee and affect the overall taste of your beverage. It also tends to curdle with espresso if not properly prepared. But you can steam the soy milk to about 600C, and together with the espresso shot to solve this problem.

Almond Milk for your Coffee

Often considered a superfood, almond milk are highly nutritious with no cholesterol or saturated fats. Many prefer almond milk to soy milk because of its milder flavor (though it has a distinctly ‘nutty’ flavor too). That said, the low fat and protein content of almond milk makes it not very suitable for producing the creamy and dense latte art foam. You can try to beat this problem by producing your almond milk yourself using more almonds and blending to build up the fat and protein content.

Cashew Milk for your Coffee

Although cashew milk is usually found blended with other nut milk, it has a creamier texture and is generally less ‘nutty’ than almond milk. It is also said to be sweeter than most dairy milk substitutes. Nonetheless, it has the same heating performance issues as most other dairy milk alternatives due to the low fat and protein content of the readily available cashew nut milk.

Hazelnut Milk for your Coffee

The vitamin-packed, heart-friendly, and sweet hazelnut is a great substitute for dairy milk in coffee drinks. However, hazelnut milk has a strong ‘nutty’ flavor, bubbles easily during steaming and can be difficult achieving a frothy textured coffee.

Rice Milk for your Coffee

With a very low-fat content, rice milk is considered a safe and healthy alternative to dairy milk for those who are lactose intolerant. The protein content of rice milk is naturally very low too. This implies that it performs poorly when heated or steamed, and is unable to produce good foamy coffee beverages. If you love foamy coffee, get rice milk with added protein and higher fat content. Or you could use an alternative milk product that combines rice milk with coconut or almond milk.