Perfect Coffee
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How to Prepare the Perfect Coffee at Home?

The second most consumed drink in the world after water is coffee. Some people cannot imagine their morning without a hot cup of coffee, while for others it is a lunch break ritual with colleagues. Now the city streets are full of cafes, but delicious coffee can also be made at home when you know a few secrets to make everything better.

No Rush

One of the easiest ways to make coffee is brewing. It is said that perfection lies in simplicity, but it is necessary to follow some strict rules, otherwise the cup of coffee may be damaged. The biggest mistake in making coffee is because of the rush: people rush to brew coffee as soon as the water boils. However, boiling water is not the right temperature for tasty coffee. The water needs to be around 90-96 degrees. Also, depending on each type of coffee and its properties, the required temperature may vary. It is enough to wait about 30 seconds after the water boils, so take your time.

Another important factor is the right ratio of coffee and water. According to experts, 60-80 grams of ground coffee is needed per one liter of water. These are 2 teaspoons per glass. However, it is also very important to evaluate what kind of coffee we want to drink. The best coffee is freshly grounded. However, it is essential to have a coffee grinder with mills to get the best flavor of the coffee beans. Other devices with blades can only damage them. If you do not have such a device, you can buy coffee in special stores and ask to grind it immediately. Or look for ground coffee for brewing in supermarkets.

Sugar – Only for Bad Coffee

Many people are used to sweeten their coffee with a teaspoon of sugar. However, according to coffee experts, this component is a common antidote to poor-quality coffee. The water-soluble natural sweetener is sweet and hides all other tastes, as a result, we do not feel the acidity or bitterness of poor-quality coffee.

If you still want to add sugar to your coffee, there is something wrong with it. According to coffee experts, sugar is the worst choice to enjoy coffee. Quality coffee naturally creates the taste of sweet coffee by itself. The ripped coffee beans contain natural sugar, and if the coffee is roasted professionally, we do not need any additional flavor enhancers.


Growing coffee beans is the most important process that creates a mesmerizing taste. The taste and aroma of beans can also vary depending on where they were grown as there is a big difference between beans that were grown in Central America and in Africa. When choosing coffee, it is important to take into account where it was grown, but today the priority is also given to freshly roasted coffee. It has already become a contractual thing that coffee must be roasted locally. The most important factors become the freshness of the harvest and the date of roasting, not just the popularity of the brand.