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How to Perfect Latte Art

Making awesome and beautiful steamed milk latte art to enhance your espresso is not as difficult as you may think, but it does require a certain amount of practice and patience to understand how the espresso mixes with milk. To perfect latte art and create wonderful designs, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Master how to pull your espresso to produce the right amount of cream.
  2. Perfect how to properly steam your milk to make a good micro foam.
  3. Understand how to combine the right speed of flow and height to produce great latte art designs.

How to Make the Perfect Micro foam

  • Pour some milk into a jug till it gets to the end of the spout. This will allow room for the milk to expand and foam while being heated. For a 250-ml jug, for instance, you should pour in only about 200 ml of milk. Whole milk containing a high percentage of fat is the best for the job.

  • Turn on your wand for some seconds to purge the duct of stuck milk. Submerge your wand into the milk immediately after purging it.
  • Turn on the steam wand and slowly raise the wand close to the top of the milk to make the milk swirl. Heat the milk to 1450F or 630
  • Lower the wand to 1 cm from the top of the milk as it gets warmer in order to produce a smooth soft-textured micro foam that can be easily poured to form a design.
  • Turn off the steam wand. Remove and clean the thermometer. Firmly tap the jug on the table and gently swirl the foamed milk to remove any large bubbles.

How to Pull the Espresso to get a Perfect Cream

  • For each shot, measure 10 grams of espresso into a portafilter and tamp it with about 17 kg pressure.
  • Put the portafilter in your espresso machine and pulse it on.
  • Collect the espresso in a bowl-like cup. If properly done, you’ll get a good cream. Don’t allow the espresso stay for long before making your design.

How to Pour the Milk to Create a Perfect Latte Art

  • Hold your cup of espresso slightly tilted.
  • In order to keep more of the cream on the top, slowly and steadily pour your micro foam into the of the espresso from a considerable height until the cup is just half full.
  • Straighten the cup, lower the jug to touch the cup and continue pouring the micro foam.
  • Toggle your jug from side to side while pouring to form a leafy pattern.
  • Pour a straight line of micro foam through the middle of the pattern to create a crease.

The secret to perfecting latte art is practice. You need to master the art of getting a good cream and micro foam because those are key items. Then master how to control the height and speed when pouring the milk. In addition, it is only practice that will help you understand how the cream responds to the angle and pattern with which you pour the milk.