Cafe Latte Art Jessie  

How To Make The Perfect Latte

Nowadays coffee has become more of an art form than ever. Gone are the days of simply ordering a large drip coffee to go and adding you own splash of milk. Today being a barista, the person who makes coffee drinks at a coffee shop, is a skilled job, one that requires an artistic finesse. It also comes with a price, a coffee these days can run you well over $4 and that is before you add any extras or even food. Many find it difficult to keep up with their coffee habits.

“So how can you fulfil your coffee desires and save your wallet from emptying so quickly? How about making your coffee at home every once in a while?”

Making a latte may seem like a daunting task but it really isn’t that difficult. And best of all once you get the hang of it is even more quick and easy. And with these simple tips we are sure you’ll be a latte master yourself in no time.

First of all, you will need a few tools to make this process easier, you’ll want a coffee machine with a steam arm/wand, a milk jug, milk, and a thermometer. Once you have these items ready to go you can start making the perfect latte. When it comes to the perfect latte you want the right ratio of espresso to milk to foam, you do not want to much foam but rather a thin layer across the top. Next set your machine to make an espresso and brew it into your latte glass, while this is happening you can start heating the milk. Fill the milk jug no more than two thirds of the way full as you do not want it to overflow when foaming. Place the steam arm under the surface of the milk to introduce some air into the liquid, after a few seconds position the arm to the side so that it starts a swirling motion in the milk. Turn off the steam before it gets too hot as this will ruin the taste of the milk.

Now you are ready to pour the milk over the espresso. You want to start from a somewhat high position, about an inch or two above the glass and then gradually work your way down until the jug is almost resting on the glass. As the glass fills slow your pour until you have reached the brim of the glass. Now take a moment and admire the beautiful latte you have created! The more you practice the easier it will get, and you will be surprised how quickly you will pick up the tricks of the trade.

Now you can enjoy your latte and your wallet can take a rest from spending so much at your local coffee shop. Try pairing it with a fresh croissant or a delicious biscotti, a delicious treat for your hard work making the perfect latte.