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Great Coffee Drinking Nations of the World

Coffee is a drink that is loved by people all over the world, and it has been made famous by French brasseries and Italian espresso bars. And trying to guess which nation consumes the most coffee per capita, one’s attention would be drawn to these two European giants, perhaps the U.S or even some of the South American countries.

In fact, the top four coffee drinking countries in terms of kilograms per person are not from any of the countries that we have already mentioned, they are in order of consumption:

  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Iceland
  • Denmark

So why is it that these Scandinavian countries drink so much coffee? Well we all know that the temperatures in the Nordic countries can be extremely cold so a nice cup of hot coffee would very much be appreciated. But there is more to it than you may think.

Hygge and Fika

Fika and Hygge are big traditions in Scandanavia, and Fika actually means, stop what you are doing and enjoy a coffee!

This is a more urgent command than a simple coffee and cake routine. It is a moment when you stop thinking about work, and have some indulgence for yourself.

Like all Scandinavian traditions there is a set way that you should embrace Fika:

  • Firstly, get comfortable
  • Choose your coffee
  • Select a pastry or cake
  • Enjoy a refill


Our top coffee nation is Finland, who are meant to be the pioneers of coffee in the whole of Europe. This is mostly because as everybody else is enjoying dark roasted beans, the Fins prefer to roast green bean varieties that produce much milder coffee.


Further down this list are Holland who came in fifth place. The Netherlands procured coffee plants as far back as the 16th Century from Yemen, but because Holland has not got the climate for growing coffee, they set up plantations in Suriname and Java which became colonies. Holland has had a coffee culture for over four hundred years, and it is still famous for its coffee shops today, where coffee is not the only product on sale.


Coming eighth on the list is Belgium, and much like the Netherlands its craze for coffee is very much because of historical reasons. Belgium was a former ruler of many regions of Africa and so the Belgian people imported coffee from the Congo and Rwanda.

The coffee drinkers of Belgium love their favorite drink with hot waffles, and other sugary treats. And can spend hours a week sipping their coffee in the many cafes that abound on the streets and walkways of the towns and cities of Belgium.

Interestingly, Italy and France came 13th and 17th respectively which to most people is a big surprise, and America did not even feature in the top twenty. Canada actually came above the U.S, so for a nation that considers itself a massive coffee consumer and that has a large coffee culture it is actually fails on both counts.