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Easy Ice Coffee Drinks to Make this Summer

With the summer heat on the way, it’s increasingly crucial that we do our best to keep hydrated. Drinking iced coffee summer concoctions have always done the trick. Here are some refreshing easy ice coffee drinks to make this summer to help beat the heat.

1. Espresso on Nitro

The falling bubbles, smooth froth, and a solid dose of caffeine make this iced coffee drink ideal for summer. This icy espresso drink is made of frosty blend combined with nitrogen gas. Once prepared, the coffee beverage is pressurized and put away in a barrel. You can enjoy an amazing glass of nitro coffee at almost any coffee shop or even store if you can’t make one at home.

2. Vanilla Iced Coffee

The vanilla-coffee flavour is simply ideal for a summer iced coffee drink, especially when brewed with freshly ground espresso and vanilla whipped cream.

3. Pioneer Woman Iced Coffee

This easy to make iced coffee drink is made for summertime and soft on your wallet if you’re already a fan of nitro cold brew coffee. You can make this Pioneer Woman tasty iced coffee drink in 4 simple steps with cold water, grounds, half-and-half, and sweetened condensed milk. Just keep out the coffee grounds from your chilly drink by sifting through a cheesecloth.

4. Cafe Affogato

A scoop of ice “drowned” by espresso is an awesome coffee drink that can serve as dessert on a hot day. It is easy to make too. You can make a Cafe Affogato that perfectly combines looks and appearances with great taste by adding spices like cinnamon or orange peel to this yummy cold coffee beverage.

5. Iced Horchata Latte

A great fix for a harsh day of summer heat like a delicious and fresh horchata. It gets even better when combined with coffee! Just include a shot (or two!) of espresso to your glass of frosted horchata to make frosted horchata latte. It’s as simple as that.

6. Bee’s Knees Over Ice

If you’ve always enjoyed Archive’s “Bee’s Knees,” you’ll definitely be thrilled by this iced version suitable for the summer heat. Simply combine espresso with milk, honey, rosemary, lavender, a simple syrup, and a touch of pepper. Once cooled, pour over ice and enjoy. It is also a great stunner for mini parties and entertaining.

7. Thai Iced Coffee

An easy summer iced coffee drink, Thai iced coffee is a classic that is enjoyed all around the world.  It is better made with a dark roast for full-bodied flavour. Add a twist with cardamom pods, this adds a spicy kick to it and makes it even more divine.

8. Espresso Tonic

This is an easy beverage and will quickly remind you of your favorite cocktails . To make a coffee tonic at home, simply combine espresso and tonic water over ice. Use a higher tonic water-coffee ratio if you like extra fizz in your drink, then all thats left to do it take a sip and sit back and relax!