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Cosiest Cafes to Visit in Europe

A great cup of coffee in the morning usually makes for a good start of the day. In Europe, cafes have gone beyond the drink to include culture and skills. Here are some of the cafes to visit in Europe.

Antico Caffè Greco – Rome

Established in 1760, it is arguably the oldest cafe in Rome. It has been a coffee spot for literary greats including Shelly, Keat, Casanova, as well as today’s intellectuals, politicians, etc.

Afro Café – Salzburg

This is one of the oldest cafes in the whole of Europe. Located close to the Fortress and old city centre with an interior made from recycled materials, offering great coffee, tea mélanges, wine, African & vegetarian delicacies, affable staff, and more, it is a sure cafe to visit.

Café de la Paix – Paris

Located in the Grand-Hôtel just across from the opera house, this 1862 cafe is one of the cosiest in Europe. Its lavish corniced ceiling and cosy florid interior decoration is said to be second only to Charles Garnier’s Opéra’s and is the setting for Robert Service’s the poem “The Absinthe Drinkers”

Caffe Del Doge – Venice

Hidden from the crowd and noise in a side alley just around the Rialto bridge, this cafe is home to some of the best coffee blends and hot chocolate in Vernice. It offers a peaceful and quiet atmosphere and cooperative staff skilled in the latte art. It is a good place to mix with the locals.

Das Cafe Sperl – Vienna

Founded in 1880, this old-style Viennese café near the Museum Quarter offers great Wiener Melange coffee as well as other meals in a cosy, charming atmosphere with beautiful interior décor. You can also take a seat outside in good weather and interact with the locals away from the crowd.

Cafe Sacher – Salzburg

This 151-year-old coffee house is home to the delicious Sacher TorteIf and truly conveys the idea of class, elegance, history. Offering great coffee as well as other traditional cuisines and just overlooking the river and old town, this cafe has it all.

Café Schwarzenberg – Vienna

The aura in this traditional Viennese cafe is just great. Located around the Musikverein, it offers wiener coffee and other local delicacies in an awesome fin de siècle setting. They also have a very affable staff.

Coffee Island – London

Located around the Leicester Square, this coffee shop offers a good selection of freshly brewed coffee served with great finishing and style. Also available is free Wi-Fi that works well.

Cafe Amsterdam – Norway

As the first Dutch cafe in Norway, this cafe offers guests some of the best coffee in Europe in a calm and cosy atmosphere. The interior décor and traditional cuisines make it a choice spot for a great cup of coffee.

Botequim da Graça – Lisbon

Located in the city centre of Graça, this charming, cosy cafe has been a converging spot for intellectuals since it was first established in 1968 by Natália Correia. In addition to the great coffee offered here, guests are thrilled with live music, various poetry readings at incredible prices.