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Coffee and Pastry Pairings

Enjoying the perfect cup of coffee is something we no doubt all do on a regular basis, whether it’s your morning cup before rushing off to work, or enjoying a latte with a friend while catching up we all enjoy the delicious flavour and warm feeling. What makes it even better, well better than having the right person to enjoy it with? Having the perfect pastry to accompany your delicious coffee can make the experience even more amazing. How do you know which pastry will go best with your coffee, the options are endless and of course vary on your personal tastes but there are some pairings that are just better than others.

Of course, there is the classic croissant and coffee combination, a rich buttery croissant pairs so well with a smooth cup of coffee. The flaky pastry falls apart easily as you break it into pieces, the thin layers melt in your mouth and enhance the flavour and delicateness of your coffee. This perfect coffee companion is found in most cafes and is usually a reasonable price make it the easy choice to accompany your coffee.

Then there is the Italian option, another very typical coffee pairing, the yummy and hearty biscotti. Usually made with almonds, often dipped in chocolate the biscotti is hard in texture which makes it ideal for dipping it not a warm cup of coffee. Nowadays there are more and more flavour options available, whatever your preference the biscotti pairs well with lattes, a cappuccino or even just a cup of black coffee. For those who love chocolate and want something a little richer to go along with their coffee there is of course the always delicious brownie. Rich chunks of chocolate, creamy cake like texture, the brownie really is the ultimate when it comes to a friend for your cup of coffee. Coffee and chocolate have long been fantastic together, they each bring out each other’s flavours and enhance the fine notes in each other.

Another classic, although perhaps more popular in the United States is the cinnamon roll. A curl of delicious dough filled with a sweet cinnamon sugar and topped with a smooth icing, what more could you ask for. Tear it apart and dip it into your warm latte, coffee or even tea. Not only will the bun be enhanced but your coffee may now be sweetened and made into a deliciously sweet concoction.

There are of course so many more options of sweet treats that you can pair with your coffee or tea, and they all vary on your personal tastes and likes. You most likely already have a favourite paring for your daily coffee, but if you are ever looking to change it up and try something new one of these is sure to peak your taste buds. So, the next time you are at your favourite cafe or restaurant keep an eye out for one of these and give it a try. We are sure you won’t regret it.