• Easy Ice Coffee Drinks to Make this Summer

    With the summer heat on the way, it’s increasingly crucial that we do our best to keep hydrated. Drinking iced coffee summer concoctions have always done the trick. Here are some refreshing easy ice coffee drinks to make this summer to help beat the heat.

  • Famous Old Cafes in Europe

    Europe has some of the best cafes in the world. Unlike the cafes found in every corner today, you will find cafes that are rich in history, art, and philosophy. Here is a list of the best six cafes in Europe you would love to visit.

  • Internet Cafés

    Internet Cafés

    The history of the Internet café dates back to the late 1980s when the very first cafe, called Electronic Café, opened in Seoul South Korea. The café provided Internet service via two computers connected through telephone lines to an online service.

  • Cosiest Cafes to Visit in Europe

    A great cup of coffee in the morning usually makes for a good start of the day. In Europe, cafes have gone beyond the drink to include culture and skills. Here are some of the cafes to visit in Europe. Antico Caffè Greco – Rome Established in 1760, it is arguably the oldest cafe in […]

  • The Best Coffee Shops in Europe

    For many the excitement of traveling to a country or city is hugely related to the new foods and restaurants they will try while they are there. And oftentimes that includes the cafes and coffee shops that they will stop at along the way as well. So, how do you find the right spots to […]